NIACIN- 250mg 100 capsules $1.29 PER CAPSULES

NIACIN- 250mg 100 capsules $1.29 PER CAPSULES


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There are many people globally who have a lot to say about niacin vitamin B3. These videos are the opinions of others and do not necessarily constitute our opinion. We have simply put this collection together to assist you in making an informed decision about niacin yourself. Taking niacin as a supplement is a life time, life changing decision. One thing is for certain -the renowned and globally recognised research and clinical trials are those carried out by Dr Abram Hoffer since 1950 and the full extent of niacins benefits can be read in his book Niacin -the real story which is available from this website. To hear Dr Hoffer speak on his Niacin research click on the button below.  

There are many overseas Niacin Supplements available, however, the Australian made and produced Niacin we provide is in line with Hoffers formlar and produced here in Australia by our laboratory in Byron Bay.  

NIACIN- 250mg 100 capsules $1.29 PER CAPSULES

NIACIN- 250mg 100 capsules $1.29 PER CAPSULES


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