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Infinite Longevity Solutions provides specialized support workers to participants of NDIS who wish to pursue a career, find a job or build a business as part of their journey to independent living. 


How we match and provide these services.

Firstly we match the goals in your NDIS plan. Then we provide you with a Service Agreement that ensures you are happy with fees and charges. All Fees are compliant with the NDIS price guidelines.

The type of specialized services we provide:
Life Coaching - for participants seeking to improve their daily quality of living through a better understanding of themselves and life in general. 

Career Development- for participants wanting to pursue a career ie Music, The Arts, Dancing, Singing, Playing an instruments, etc
Business Building and Job Seeking -  for participants wanting to develop a business for themselves or find a job to assist them in generating an income.

If you wish to pursue any of these specialized services or wish to attain further information, please fill out the form below and one of our friendly staff will contact you.

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