Program, Dates and Speakers to be confirmed




6.30 PM - COCKTAILS (non alcoholic)

6.45 PM - DINNER 

                Indigenous Welcome to

                Country and Smoking Ceremony


                Greg Hunt- Minister for health 

9.00 PM- CLOSE



8.45 PM - MC - Acknowledgements - Intro to                    Tom Ingoglia-NAD Treatment 


9.00 AM - Tom Ingoglia

9:45 AM - Addiction Recovery, Phillip Milgram,


10:30 AM -Addiction Recovery Aust-Christa


10:40am - Patient Care, Paula Mestayer

11:25am - Keys to Implementing a Successful NAD Program, Ann Rodgers

11:55pm - Open Q&A, Ann Rodgers, Paula Mestayer, Dr. Richard Mestayer, Phillip Milgram, MD

12:10pm - Lunch

1:10pm - IV NAD+ Graduate Appreciation

1:15pm - NAD+: What It Is, How We Lose it and How To Boost It, Charles Brenner, Ph.D

2:00pm - Physiological Implications of NAD and Circadian Regulation of NAD, Vince Giuliano

2:45pm - 15 minute Break

3:00pm - IV NAD+ Graduate Appreciation

3:05pm - Intravenous NAD, Dr. Richard Mestayer

3:50pm - Questions and Closing Remarks

6:00pm - Cocktail Reception

7:00pm - Gala Dinner

How and why clinical practices, medical centers, wellness centers and rehabs can improve by offering NAD+ IV Therapy to patients.

Who would benefit from attending this event

Doctors, physicians, health practitioners, addiction therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, counsellors, pharmacists, psychologists, alternative medicine therapists, nutritionists, health educators

Guest Speakers

Telephone 61 0422 835 700


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