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Why was a born, Why am I here, Who am I and what am I supposed to do? 

I guess at some time or rather we have all asked ourselves these questions. The answers are our own. These are questions that cannot be answered by others, they are questions that lie in every human beings soul, however, this does not necessarily mean we are all curious enough to ask these questions nor do we all pursue or seek the answers.


Personally I am one who has asked and have been granted answers that are not scientific, they are not philosophical, nor complicated and they have made this journey of life just a little easier, at little peaceful, a little more joyful and happy and have brought me fulfilment and satisfaction. And you guessed it A LOT OF LOVE!

Now in saying all of that comes the question who and what created all this- you know the universe, the planets, mother nature, human beings, the animal kingdom, cells, molecules, atoms and so it goes on? Quite frankly I don't know, but what I do know is that whatever created everything most certainly has an imagination and intelligence far bigger and greater than myself. And that I must be a part of this intelligence as where else would my ability to think, imagine, feel and be come from?   


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